IPSO Challenge 2014
We were invited as 1 of 50 startups at Sweden's largest entrepreneurship competition for start-up companies
at Visby, Gotland at Almedalveckan 2 to 7 june 2016.

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I was in TV8 in a show called Draknästet (Dragons Den/Shark Tank) the 6 april 2015
and I am the first in Sweden to get all five investors and the maximum amount 2.5 miljon kr.
The program was aired again the 19 and 20 mars 2016 in TV8.
Here is a link to the video on facebook where we get the deal.

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GameReality was interviewed by GM,Sandy Carter of IBM's Startup Development and Ecosystems in radio show KDUW.biz in USA 28 april 2016.

IPSO Challenge 2014
I was nominated in a global competition from USA called IPSO CHALLENGE 2014.
Google and other companies payed flight and hotel for me to meet the jury in Chicago 21 - 29 june 2014.

GameReality is now mentioned in USA in Wireless Design & Development
Here I am presenting my GameReality project in Linköping 11 maj 2015 in front of about 300 people at Venture Arena.
Here the newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad / NST write about my nomination in USA at IPSO Challenge 2014.
One project I did a telerobotic system to, was awarded in USA and Europe and was called "Ariel fashion shoot".

Hej. Jag är civilingenjör i teknisk fysik från LTH med examen 2005.
Vi fick vårt första barn nu den 1 januari 2016.
Hello. I have a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from LTH.
My main interests is in telerobotics and particle physics.
We got our first child, a boy, the 1 january 2016.

Diploma in Master of Science in Engineering Physics
Examen: Civilingenjör i teknisk fysik / LTH

Curriculum Vitae / English
Curriculum Vitae / Swedish

This is a LADOK paper of exams that show that I had enough with points to continue every year.
I took my exam on set time. I did not take a year off to redo exams.
But I took a year off, between the first years, to try to get away from bullying on the university.

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Here is a video of our first child on my facebook page.
This is my LinkedIn page.